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Claussens2010  Andrew & Amberlynne Claussen



    Field: Indonesia


    Status: Furlough


    Board: World Team Indonesia



    BFC Church supported Missionary since 
    February 2009






Our Missionary Family to Indonesia is the Claussens: Andrew, Amberlynne, Chase, Elliana and London Grace (newest arrival - January 2012) .  Andrew was 5 years old when he became a believer in Jesus Christ. A Sunday school class is where he learned about Heaven and Hell and with the direction of his mom he prayed for the first time.  Later, at the age of 8, he read the book “Peace Child”, by Don Richardson. This is what the Lord used to call Andrew into missions work.

Amberlynne was 6 years old when she first heard about Christ from a Child Evangelism Fellowship Day Camp.  It was there that she prayed and became a believer.  Amberlynne knew she wanted to do what the camp leaders had done for her...share the gospel with people who have never heard.    
All through their teenage years, Andrew and Amberlynne were involved in various local short term missions trips.  They also participated in a few overseas trips as well.  Andrew went to Brazil and Papua New Guinea and Amberlynne to Paraguay.  These trips confirmed the calling of God upon each of their lives to the mission field.

In order to prepare for their mission work, both felt the Lord had called them to New Tribes Mission. They both entered the NTM training program which was a total of four years. The first two years was at the New Tribes Bible Institute, and that is where Andrew and Amberlynne met.  The second phase of the training took them to the NTM Missions Training Center in Durham, Canada so that they could learn how to reach remote people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  While there, they learned logistics of planting a tribal church, language learning techniques using phonetics, phonemics and universal grammar, and basic medical care.  All these things are important for them to be more efficient as they move into another culture, learn their language, building relationships and planting an indigenous church together. 

Andrew was ordained by New Tribes Mission on May 31, 2008.  In order to plant the church within the tribe the Lord is leading them to; Andrew will initially focus on the linguistic work of learning the tribe’s language and then once communication is established he will begin the process of discipleship.  Amberlynne’s ministry will be to translate the Word of God into the tribal language so that individuals who have never had the chance to hear will be enabled.  They will also be providing some basic medical assistance within the tribe so that they can meet the tribe’s physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

They praise God for what He has done and will continue to do through them, and pray that God will complete the work that He has begun in them.  We praise God that He has given Bible Fellowship Community Church the ability to partner with them in furthering the Kingdom of our Lord and fulfill the Great Commission.




from Andrew, Sunday, August 7, 2011


"I’m sure a lot of you have been wondering what has been going on since we decided to resign from New Tribes Mission. On June 15th we had left on a plane for Pennsylvania to attend a week long orientation with World Team. Through the week we evaluated them and they evaluated us. At the week’s end World Team thought we were a good fit, and likewise we thought they were a good fit for us.


And so it begins. We are now members of World Team. By next July we are hoping to be back in Indonesia and starting a tribal work. We’d appreciate your prayers along the way!"


Officially Accepted!


"As of today (August 19, 2011) we were officially accepted to World Team Indonesia! A couple days before we flew back to the USA we were able to meet with the leadership and most of the missionaries serving in Papua, Indonesia. It was exciting to talk to them and get an understanding of how we will fit in once we get back to Indonesia.


Basically, this acceptance to Indonesia means that you can start sending your support through World Team instead of New Tribes Mission. For information on becoming a sponsor you can go to


Are you considering becoming a sponsor? We are looking for 15 more sponsors to pledge $35 - 50/month. Please let us know if you are interested in reaching an Indonesian tribe with Christ by becoming a sponsor!"