More About Us


What kind of church is Bible Fellowship Community Church?


We are a Christ-Centered, Independent, Bible Believing Church...Where the Word of God is Our Focus & Reaching the World for Christ is Our Purpose!!!  We are committed to the proclamation and application of the Word of God which we believe meets the needs of all people. We are committed to the philosophy that God has given us Biblical principles that are relevant and applicable for daily living and when applied will produce a new life in Christ and a vital witness of His presence, grace and glory as we seek to live for and serve Him.



What does Bible Fellowship Community Church emphasize?


We believe all Christians need three vital experiences in order to grow spiritually: A vital learning experience with the Word of God (Bible teaching) where preaching and teaching of the Bible is done in an expositional manor with major thrust on practical application for day to day living.


A vital relational experience both with God and others (fellowship and teaching) where we challenge and are challenged by one another, to; first develop a closer relationship with God, through worship, praise, devotional life, prayer and giving, and also develop a closer relationship with one another through caring and sharing ministries, small group fellowship ministries and corporate worship services.


A vital sharing experience with both Christians and non-Christians (ministry and witnessing), where we endeavor to equip every person in our congregation for an area of effective ministry, and the ability to lead family, friends and associates to a new life in Jesus Christ.


We seek to provide a balanced emphasis in these areas. Therefore, our services are structured so people can experience the body of Christ functioning in love and unity.




What is Our Purpose?


It shall be the purpose of Bible Fellowship Community Church to function as a Christian Church whose beliefs are comprised of and contained fully within the Holy Scriptures, the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments.  This church shall spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Bible, reach out to the lost, dying, wounded, and weary, bring the unsaved to Christ, and build up the saved in Christian grace and living to have a vital part in advancing the Christian message and in sending out missionaries.


Our Purpose Simplified ... Bible Fellowship Community Church shall:


1) Present the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

2) Edify the body of Christ, through teaching the Word and equipping the saints for personal ministry

3) Demonstrate Christ's love through caring and sharing ministries in our community and throughout the world

4) Promote Godly worship